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Listen: I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity I shudder when I imagine Filipinos uttering those words against the beating of their hearts.
They have to abjure violence before we start talking," Home Secretary G.
Coming down heavily on the Communist Party of India-Maoists, he said, "They claim to be representing the tribals and the poor but the government also claims to be representing the same people, so the best way forward is for the Naxalites to abjure violence and take the path of democracy.
One has some quibbles: Protestant martyrs are said to have refused to abjure 'their faiths' whereas it was really their 'heresies'.
And Khomeini's comments were broad, telling all military officers they should stay away from politics, not simply abjure membership in parties.
The overwhelming majority of Islamist political formations abjure violence and factions that engage in violent activity often do so in response to state repression or foreign occupation.
Pragmatic critiques--that, for example, such projects are luxuries we cannot afford in divisive times--may be politically salient, but they are artistically conservative, restricting artists to relations they abhor and obliging them to abjure their most far-reaching propositions.
The RNA would carry out more vigorous offensive action if the Maoists ignored the royal call to abjure violence and continued with their so-called people's war,'' Nepalese newspapers Friday quoted the army chief as saying.
The oath of citizenship even sounds like a wedding vow: "I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty.
If Singer's fideism would never let him openly abjure the faith of his Hassidic father, Rabbi Pinkhes Menakhem Singer, neither could he ever convincingly affirm anything supernatural except the omnipresence of demons.
Congress should abjure the enactment of new (and onerous) interest and penalty provisions to raise revenue.
He says: "Behold the cross of the Lord; Depart, all adverse creatures", and "I abjure you, most ancient demon, that you depart from this member of God's family.