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Reiterating that the Maoists are our own people, Dr Singh said the government was ready to hold dialogue if they abjured violence.
And yet Siden has not entirely abjured modern transport technology, any more than she has today's recording techniques.
He said that his government is committed to promoting peace in Jammu and Kashmir, and ready to talk to any group that abjured violence.
So long as pretensions to originality were abjured, representational content of all kinds--"pictures," in Douglas Crimp's parlance--was permitted.
These effects allow Buchloh to advance his case against the domestication of Duchamp's legacy; Asher's material came ready-made, but the works themselves abjured the trite dependence on incongruity and willful artistic fiat found in standard ready-made tactics.
However, the Home Minister said that the government hasn't received any meaningful response to his offer made in February last week to the Maoists, provided they abjured violence.