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Chapter two looks more closely at the abjurers and their crimes.
Chapter three looks at the actual journeys made by the abjurers, and here Jordan advances one of the more controversial arguments of the book: that the movement of abjurers through the country was carefully co-ordinated and managed by the authorities.
He also mentioned the ABJURER to NOWHERE item in his first Doctor Matrix column in January 1960.
In six chapters, he discusses abjuration in its heyday, from the late twelfth century to the early fourteenth, as well as who the abjurers were, what crimes they committed, how they left England and where they arrived, their lives in exile, and how a few of them were able to return to life in England.
It goes on to show how figural ideas of eucharistic theology enriched the poetry of John Lydgate and how the ambiguous status of Lollard abjurers in the Church offered Margery Kempe a means of exploring and expressing through ideas of 'Lollard shame' her own alternative spiritual experience.