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But Cross is actually at his best when he abjures nostalgia for the seemingly more wholesome toys of the past and focuses instead on the historical dynamics that put play and commercial playthings at the center of American childhood.
Cullen abjures the iconography of the heroic or tragic individual in favor of the language of community.
Imhof does sketch his view of why life expectancy rose, although he abjures justifying his conclusions in this work.
His commingling of images and text abjures foregone conclusions in favor of less tidy disseminations, and in so doing, it trades a quick read and a brief impact for a more sustained ripple in one's consciousness.
Responding to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's recent statement in Kashmir that if Pakistan abjures terror, he was ready to meet Pakistan more than half way on talks, Foreign Minister Qureshi said: "I think we have to get out of the old mindset.
His equivalents to the close apperception of surfaces are abstractions palpably made of paint, while his broad handling of light and atmosphere as often as not abjures clarification of separate objects for a controlled obscurity of shadows emerging and retreating against his dark grounds.
Earlier Union Home Minister P Chidambaram had made it clear that the Centre was ready to hold talks with any militant group that abjures violence and surrenders arms, and suggested to the Assam Government to make everything possible to bring the DHD-J to the negotiating table.