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Bones's tale ends with him abjuring the comforts of the Joneses and attempting to rejoin his fellow economic and social outcast Willy in the far-off land of justice and equality.
But this risk is eminently preferable to abjuring the talents nature has so generously granted us and thus artificially limiting our power to avoid personal and social suffering.
If they wish to come for talks after abjuring violence, they are welcome.
Abjuring both their early demand to participate in the production of their "designs" and their former denunciation of fashion and shopwindow displays as typical of NEP commercialism, they conceived of their textiles as a means of altering the traditional position of women in Soviet society.
We live in a barbaric age, he says, an age of the abjuring of moral values; and he was one of those who helped usher in this age.
Abjuring technical expertise went hand in hand with an aggressive refusal to order his found material in terms of its intrinsic quality, his famous posture of "liking everything.