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The acquisition of Sonalleve would strengthen Profound's position in magnetic resonance ultrasound ablation therapy.
Percutaneous radiofrequency (RF) ablation therapy has recently been established as a promising local therapeutic technique for hepatocellular carcinoma in such patients (4).
VEGF-antibody reaction in peritumoral tissue was not significantly different between the combined therapy and microwave ablation therapy groups, although the growth rate difference is highest between those two groups.
This lack of long-term outcome data for ablation therapy should be of some concern to clinicians who have lived through the last few years.
The combination of property and processing versatility offers considerable advantages for a wide variety of specialty catheter applications from imaging diagnosis to ablation therapy.
Follow-up imaging is required and typically involves a CT scan after one month to assess the technical success of the ablation therapy.
The Prolia brand of denosumab has been approved as a treatment for bone loss in people receiving hormone ablation therapy for prostate or breast cancer, according to a statement from Amgen, the manufacturer.
Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of radioactive iodine (RAI) ablation therapy on the complete blood count (CBC) in thyroid cancer patients.
METHODS: Sixty patients who were diagnosed to be free of HCC after radiofrequency ablation therapy or surgery were randomly assigned to either the vitamin K2 group (n = 30 patients) or the control group (n = 30 patients).
At 8 years, 20% to 22% of the population required a hysterectomy after ablation therapy as a whole.
We (5) have recently reported a direct analysis of the expression of the TMPRSS2:ERG fusion gene in surgical samples from a total of 84 patients, 24 of whom had received presurgery androgen ablation therapy.
Bone loss can be a serious problem for men undergoing hormone ablation therapy for prostate cancer and if left untreated it can lead to fractures.