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The framework of alternations as put forward by Kastovsky (1968) constitutes a double synthesis: firstly, of contrasts motivated by ablaut and by other phenomena and, secondly, of synchronic and diachronic facts.
2001, Ablaut als Umlaut im Ostjakischen: Prinzipien und Grundzuge der lautgeschichtlichen Betrachtung.
This mechanism can be combined with ablaut (Hunzib koro 'hand') and various oblique markers (Hinuq kwezey 'hand').
34) byang "North" as prefixless ablaut form to 'bying "sink" (byang indicates succinctly "the cardinal direction in which the sun (far below the horizon) has sunken).
83) Likewise, Machek, emphasizing the presence of ablaut in Lithuanian, rejects the notion that Slavic vlad- represents a borrowing from Germanic.
Though admirable in many ways in its evident erudition, the fact that there is, in addition, no glossary supplying a ready guide to ablaut or cognate, for example, or similarly to spirant, plosive, assimilation, dissimilation, Verner's Law (among a number of items of terminology which appear in the text, some with and some without accompanying explanation), is potentially problematic given the intended readership, and not least since the Index which is provided is merely a list of the individual words discussed.
Indogermanisches Nomen: Indogermanisches Nomen: Derivation, Flexion find Ablaut.
They both involve a kind of ablaut, though the details are different.
12) Formal parameters of aspectual/actional opposition Russian Georgian Ossetic (1) Prefixation + + + (2) Suffix change + - - (3) Loss of the suffix + - - (4) Suffix change and ablaut + - - (5) Stress shift + - - (6) Suppletivism + + + (7) Suffixation + -
The topics include the expression of spatio-temporal locations in late Proto-Indo-European, verbal categorization and the coding of valency in Tocharian, internal reconstruction versus external comparison in Indo-Uralic laryngeals, the aspect-tense system and quantitative ablaut, how many noun suffices Proto-Indo-European had, and new Latin evidence for the Indo-European long-vowel preterit.
Aronoff 1994) which exists on a par with other stem-forming constructions, such as ablaut or truncation or theme vowel suffixation, forming stem types which other morphological constructions call for.
Desde McCarthy (1981)--abordagem pioneira sobre a infixacao em arabe a partir do padrao CCC de raices--, vem crescendo o interesse por processos nao-concatenativos: diversas analises sobre Reduplicacao, Infixacao e Ablaut proporcionaram o rapido desenvolvimento da Morfologia Prosodica (McCARTHY, 1986) e, nos dias de hoje, operacoes desse tipo sao de interesse central na chamada Teoria da Correspondencia (McCARTHY; PRINCE, 1995), uma extensao da Teoria da Otimalidade aplicada a Morfologia (BENUA, 1995).