able to recognize

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In previous sections I have said that all figures in Flatland present the appearance of a straight line; and it was added or implied, that it is consequently impossible to distinguish by the visual organ between individuals of different classes: yet now I am about to explain to my Spaceland critics how we are able to recognize one another by the sense of sight.
But, on the other hand, the seeming discrepancies of the Republic may only arise out of the discordant elements which the philosopher has attempted to unite in a single whole, perhaps without being himself able to recognize the inconsistency which is obvious to us.
We feared that having found this somewhere it had aroused his cupidity and led him to believe that in some way he could obtain the reward, possibly by foisting upon us a white girl on the chance that so many years had elapsed that we would not be able to recognize an imposter as such.
To these notes," replied the prince, "you have added portraits so faithfully painted, that I am able to recognize the persons whose characters, manners, and history you have so carefully portrayed.
In any other place than the town of Alencon the mere aspect of his person would have won him the assistance of superior men, or of women who are able to recognize genius in obscurity.
A second look was necessary before she was able to recognize the person of the young hunter in a plain, but assuredly the ordinary, garb of a gentleman.
She had so covered the thing in her arms that Tarzan had not yet been able to recognize it for what it was; but now, as she turned from the pursuit of him, he saw it.
It is of the highest importance in the art of detection to be able to recognize, out of a number of facts, which are incidental and which vital.
Martin Falleix felt and showed the deepest respect for Madame Baudoyer, whose superior qualities he was able to recognize.
After completing this module, members of the DoD acquisition, technology, and logistics community will be able to recognize and respond appropriately to fundamental privacy concerns when performing activities in acquisition, requirements, and research by: describing the general scope of privacy protection; listing key privacy protection guidance and laws governing privacy; stating potential risks to privacy; describing existing procedures to promoting privacy protection; recognizing breaches of privacy in current cases; and naming contacts and steps to take regarding privacy questions.
The mistake of our society [that is being repeated by antigay forces] is not being able to recognize the fundamental ideals that this country stands for.
Nearly everyone acknowledges that executives must be able to recognize their own mistakes and minimize the costs of their missteps.