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Abler. "Ambient Taxes When Polluters Have Multiple Choices." Journal of Environmental Economics and Management.
This is supported by research which points out that in urban areas, there is an 'oozing' dynamic associated with the spread of social processes that accompanies the spread of population (Abler et al., 1971).
Up to this time it is the Saxon British mainly [who] hitherto have cultivated with some manfulness: and when a manfuller class of cultivators, stronger, worthier, to have such land, abler to bring fruit from it, shall make their appearance,--they, doubt it not ...
Thus imperial monarchs proved to be "abler stewards of the poor and of nature than their independent, single-minded successors" in the post-independence world of unregulated exploitation in the 1800s and early 1900s (104).
Aydelotte responded, "The most persistent objection to this breaking of the academic lock step, to giving abler students harder work, is our academic interpretation or misinterpretation of the idea of democracy.
2004, 2006) and dinosaurs (e.g., Fiorillo 1991; Abler 1992; Schubert & Ungar 2005).
Todas as inovacoes epistemologicas introduzidas por Hartshorne, em contrapartida a filosofia da Ciencia de Sauer, prepararam o caminho para a Nova Geografia dedutiva e determinista que emergiu no final dos anos de 1950 (Abler, Adams e Gould, 1971; Simmons e Cox, 1985; Taylor, 1985).
One of the 2x8s used to mount the gun was turned into a float for the non-swimmers and injured, and abler crewmen towed it.
Abler, Ronald; Adams, John S., y Gould, Peter: Spatial organization.
But were there not supposed to be abler, smarter people who get paid more than I do who might have figured this out before it all happened?
The Seneca Nation has been a prime focus of research for Abler (anthropology, U.