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Any reader seeking an introduction to the intellectual-historical complexities of such questions will discover in Del Rio a charming guide, ably assisted by Maxwell-Stuart.
Ably waited until skate patrols had left the scene, then removed his helmet to try a few tricks, Alderman said.
Ably compiled, organized, and co-edited by Orlando O.
Ably authored, and historically concise, Death Stars, Weird Galaxies, And A Quasar-Spangled Universe presents the story of Karl Jasky and his discoveries, and continues on to share a wealth of fun and interesting finds attributed to the VLA's research.
The Power Of Leadership Foundation First: Four Must-Have Principles For Collaborative Advantage by author, public speaker, and professional change agent Alexandra Brennan ably provides a clear and cogent understanding of effective and innovative leadership design methods.
The tales are ably illustrated in a wide variety of artistic styles, all of which are interesting.
Dull will move into a new capacity for which he is ably suited and where there is great need - raising money for CSUN athletic facilities.
Beautifully illustrated throughout by John Woodcock and Ian McNee, The Usborne Introduction To Archaeology: Internet-Linked ably provides young readers with an ideal introduction into all aspects of archaeology including techniques, sites and finds.
LeDoux makes clear that he's offering only a working hypothesis, but he presents it ably.
While many will question the overall hypotheses about genre and date, all will profit from this learned philological and exegetical contribution to the Hermeneia Commentary series that has been ably translated by Margaret Kohl.
That pastoral letter was ably criticized in an article entitled "Response to Archbishop Leonard Wall" (C.
He simply slipped into the jazz, and brought forth all the emotional clarity and pure artistry of the form so ably represented by the four generations of dancers in this concert.