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The choir was ably supported by young Lucy Rowan on the piano, Ben Jerrett on percussion and Mick Barker as announcer in chief, as well as the theatre backroom staff.
The governor said on the occasion that government surely required support of non-governmental sector to ably fulfill its basic obligations in areas of health, education, and civic infrastructure
And there were star turns from HMS Morris, Climbing Trees, Rusty Shackle, Third Party, The Gentle Good, Railroad Bill, Fjords and Junior Bill and the Scallies, amongst many other wonderful musicians who ably proved that right now the Welsh music is in rude health.
Forged from harsh experience and astute observation, and ably presented in a grand oral tradition, "The Ballad of King George And Other Poems" is strongly recommended and rewarding reading.
Now this outstanding biography is available as a complete and unabridged audiobook on thirteen compact discs and which is very ably narrated by Paul Hecht, with a total running time of 15.75 hours.
In his October speech accepting the appointment, Ban referred to a predecessor, U Thant of Myanmar (formerly Burma), for having "ably served the world four decades ago." Thant, as is well-known to serious students of the world body, followed in the footsteps of his predecessors at the UN as an anti-American and pro-Soviet apologist.
Paul Strathern has ably put Borges's life and work in a clear and understandable context.
ably summarizes the teaching of the Catholic Church on Purgatory, using quotations from a variety of sources, such as St.
Ably translated into English by Richard Zenith, "Education By Stone" offers a poetic landscape that focuses upon the seemingly trivial and intransigent and discovering more than meets the 'mind's eye'.
A smaller, more aggressively styled version of its larger brother, the Sport ably makes the Range Rover case to a younger, adventure-inclined, metro-living, upwardly mobile crowd,
Ably translated into English by Thomas Nugent in 1748, this edition of "The Principles Of Natural And Politic Law" by Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui (1964-1748) is expertly edited and enhanced with an Introduction by Petter Korman (Fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies and Postdoctoral Researcher in Philosophy at the Academy of Finland) and part of the Liberty Fund's outstanding 'Natural Law and Enlightenment Classics' series.