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48am in the Abnegate Street area and was heading towards the Newtownsmith area of the city.
Even if one chooses to abnegate the self by choosing the option of obedience to an external rulegiver (saying "thy will be done"), this is still a self-choosing.
Ethics of the Fathers, an early Tanaitic compilation of ethical thought, does not tell us to abnegate ourselves before other people, but only before God (Avot 2:4: "Batel r'tzoncha mipnei r'tzono").
17) Riley understands that this view of poetry is explicitly at odds not only with a shrivelled neo-Augustan "mainstream" poetry of "anecdote and self-distancing, wry observation of conditioned reflexes, wistful delineations of trappings of the heart" but also with various process-based, procedural, and aleatory poetries which often appeal to heightened reader-engagement but which in his view abnegate "the poet's duty to truth," leaving "the reader helplessly alone.
There is no doubt that Murtagh is a terrific judge, but it shows uncommon restraint on the part of Michael Bell and his team to abnegate the chance to win a Classic with a horse who is working well.
Driven by the agonizing grief and guilt that still consume her after a full year in mourning, Catherine Barkley does not abnegate herself to the narrator, whose name escapes her lips only once (AFTA 29), but to a fantasy.
His distancing of his own experience of identification thus leads him to abnegate his responsibility even to envisage the consequences of that identification.
Hemingway does not have Catherine abnegate herself to Frederic Henry; rather, she abnegates herself, when she does so, to an idea in her head.
9) Despite the ways in which life under occupation, and life as an occupier might resemble war, it is important to say that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is not war in the international legal sense, as a contest between nation-states, since there is no recognized Palestinian state; while for Israel, war has never ended with its Arab neighbors, calling the ongoing situation with the West Bank and Gaza a "war" is inappropriate, and would justify certain state actions as defensive and abnegate the occupying power from its responsibilities under international law, to provide for the needs of the occupied.
There are a number of reasons for this parlous state of affairs, not least of these being that the council decided to abnegate its responsibility for housing repairs to a succession of repairs contractor partners.
The narrative is about a body that fails to conform to sociosexual expectations, but Fielding abnegates the potential unruliness and danger of this body by making the narrative hinge on moments of rupture.
The double no of the title of Wyn Evans and Hecker's and Gidal's works follows this line of argument and abnegates any illusionary or indexical link to any natural "night" or "day.