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The word abnormal I thought was demeaning and judgmental," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted him as saying.
See "Notification of abnormal lab test results in an electronic medical record: Do any safety concerns remain?
In the second part of the paper, we analyse the abnormal returns cross-sectionally in order to test the impact of other factors that may affect them.
Abnormal ABI has been associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) events and mortality, even in individuals at low to intermediate CHD risk (JAMA 2008;300:197-208), but prevalence estimates of abnormal ABI among older screening populations with low-intermediate FRS have not been reported previously.
Abnormal behavior may involve management, employees, customers, lenders, vendors or investors.
Due to the especially high incidences of frog abnormalities reported in Minnesota and Vermont, the Service's Northeast and Midwest Regions began assessments in 1997 to document the extent of abnormal frogs on national wildlife refuges.
gov; 703-358-1782), a biologist in the Division of Environmental Quality in Arlington, Virginia, is the national coordinator for the Service's abnormal amphibian surveys.
If abnormal blood pressure is not identified by a patient's pediatric clinician, it may be years before the abnormal blood pressure is detected, leading to endorgan damage," the study's authors cautioned.
The market model procedure outlined by Dodd and Warner (1983) is employed to estimate the abnormal returns.
The study also suggests that clinical abnormalities (physical and laboratory) may not be reliable predictors of abnormal CTs and therefore the need for further research with bigger sample size.
However, Narod notes that mice aren't a perfect model for the human disease because healthy women with BRCA1 mutations don't exhibit the abnormal duct branching seen in the animals in this study.
Poikilocytosis in a report as a standalone provides little value to the clinician, as it gives no specific information about the abnormal red cell.