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Mild generalized brain atrophy was demonstrated as 12.91% being the leading abnormality.15 Aim of the present study was to find out the prevalence and types of structural abnormalities in the children who has newly diagnosed as epilepsy.
It also states: "Where a diagnosis has been made of such an abnormality, it is to be accepted that the continuance of such a pregnancy poses a substantial risk of serious adverse effect on a women's health and wellbeing."
Since cardiac or chromosomal abnormality is a predominant complication and may be the main determinant of the prognosis, physicians may focus their attention on them, being less suspicious of other organ abnormalities.
Patients who had specific indication for thorax CT, such as a lung infection, search for metastasis, or the evaluation of a congenital abnormality were included in the study.
The most commonly observed urinary organ abnormality was renal calculi which occurred in 38.1% (n = 42) of the goats with urinary organ abnormalities (Table 2).
Between December 2008 and November 2013 transvaginal three-dimensional (3D) ultrasound volumes were collected of first-trimester pregnancies in which a structural congenital abnormality was diagnosed (N = 71).
Two-thirds of the deaths (<<=18) were attributed to the associated congenital abnormality. Six patients (22.2%) succumbed to sepsis, 2 (7.4%) died as a result of aspiration pneumonia and 1 (3.7%) had an abdominal compartment syndrome.
About 1 in 50 HIV-positive people with HSIL--the most serious anal-cell abnormality (see Figure 1)--will go on to have anal cancer within 5 years.
Is intervention possible in case any abnormality is diagnosed in the foetus?
Women on oral contraceptive pills, intrauterine contraceptive device, and the presence of fibroid, any medical or bleeding disorder that could have led to menstrual abnormality were excluded from our study.
The patient who had no abnormality detected had fibrosis in the interscalene space, which seemed to be restricting nerve mobility.