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This US FDA approval of MR-conditional labeling for the Ellipse ICD with the Tendril MRI pacing lead and Durata and Optisure high voltage leads adds another patient-centric benefit to the device and will help further improve access for patients suffering from abnormally fast heart rhythms who need an ICD and who may need an MRI scan in the future.
Two other patients with abnormally high ALT levels had smooth muscle antibody-positive and antinuclear antibodypositive assays consistent with autoimmune hepatitis type 1.
In our patient, the diagnosis was made by detection by flow cytometry of abnormally low expression of the [alpha] chain of the IFN-[gamma] receptor on peripheral blood lymphocytes.
When collagen is missing or defective, body parts where connective tissue is most important, such as skin, joints, and blood vessels, behave abnormally.
Chromium picolinate may reduce the risk of abnormally elevated blood sugar levels.
Blood homocysteine levels were abnormally high in 38 percent of lacto or lacto-ovo vegetarians, 67 percent of vegans, and 16 percent of non-vegetarians.
Among the 180 men, 25 had abnormally high levels of free PSA, 25 had abnormally high levels of complexed PSA, and 19 had abnormally high levels of both, reported Theresa Mulhern, a clinical chemistry supervisor at Mount Clemens (Minn.
Hypertension is a common disorder in which blood pressure remains abnormally high.
When a customized software application does start behaving abnormally, how do we pinpoint the source of the problem and reduce downtime?
It left the president's brother in disbelief, and officials at Pierce's Houston private school recommended the boy take Ritalin, medication for abnormally high levels of activity.
If iodine uptake is inhibited by too much for too long, the result could be hypothyroidism, a condition in which blood levels of thyroid hormone are abnormally low and those of the pituitary hormone thyrotropin (TSH) are abnormally high.
The position of the chorda tympani nerve is abnormally inferior.