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One's home; habitation; place of dwelling; or residence. Ordinarily means "domicile." Living place impermanent in character. The place where a person dwells. Residence of a legal voter. Fixed place of residence for the time being. For Service of Process, one's fixed place of residence for the time being; his or her "usual place of abode."

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An immigration spokeswoman said so far more than 730 abode claimants have been deported voluntarily or forcibly since April 1.
panel to which his group plans to submit the plea ''recognizes that governments violate the right of abode, it could encourage more sophisticated disaster prevention schemes in many countries which have ratified the International Covenants of Human Rights.''
With all due respect for the architect's relationship to the client, and the task of solving their needs and style of living, the abode does seem to have aesthetic flair, enhanced by the creativeness of Mr Hursley's eye.
On June 30 this year, a Hong Kong court rejected about 5,350 Chinese their claims for right of abode for they did not fall into the category that can be benefited from the concessions given by Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa.
This gloomy place is also the abode of the wilis, shades of betrothed maidens deserted by their fiances.
Midgard is joined with Asgard, the abode of the deities, by Bifrost, the rainbow bridge.
Sorry as the abode was, I could not have begun to do as well.
A traditional Western Apache belief holds that praying over the plant helps protect people and horses from misfortune and returns eclipsed celestial bodies to their proper heavenly abode, she adds.
In later mythology, the underworld itself came to be known as Hades, possibly shortened from the abode of Hades.
The informal event, at the Abode Chester, attracted more than 70 business owners and professionals.
[USA], Apr 7 (ANI): Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have finally moved into their new abode.
LARKANA -- Expressing displeasure over allegedly converting some portion of gaoshala (abode for cows) into godowns and renting it out to certain influential people in the city, members of the Hindu community held a protest rally here on Friday.