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One's home; habitation; place of dwelling; or residence. Ordinarily means "domicile." Living place impermanent in character. The place where a person dwells. Residence of a legal voter. Fixed place of residence for the time being. For Service of Process, one's fixed place of residence for the time being; his or her "usual place of abode."

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I then wrote three letters of adieu: the first to Esther Hargrave, in which I told her that I found it impossible to stay any longer at Grassdale, or to leave my son under his father's protection; and, as it was of the last importance that our future abode should be unknown to him and his acquaintance, I should disclose it to no one but my brother, through the medium of whom I hoped still to correspond with my friends.
This proposition was at once accepted, and in three days' time they were all located in their new abode, when Mr.
Nevertheless, though she fitted out her flat very badly with the money, the fact did not prevent her from saying when, later, she was showing me over the rooms of her new abode: "See what care and taste can do with the most wretched of means!" However, her "wretchedness " had cost fifty thousand francs, while with the remaining fifty thousand she purchased a carriage and horses.
It happened thus: A week after we had taken up our abode in Paris there arrived thither the General.
Purposely I have taken up my abode where I am now partly to pull myself together, and partly to wait for Mr.
Due to climate change, the primary abodes for wildlife's survival are burning and b
He has been traveling continuously for over 13 years to accomplish his mother's desire of undertaking a pilgrimage to the four most prominent abodes of Hindu Gods, spreading across length and breadth of India.he four abodes are the Badrinath Temple located in Badrinath in Uttarkhand, the Dwarakadheesh Temple in Dwarka, located in Gujarat, the Jagannath Temple in Puri, located in Orissa and Ramanathaswamy Temple in Rameswaram, located in Tamil Nadu.