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Roque, in a briefing on Tuesday, said Duterte would abolish the PCUP.
Duterte had threatened to ask Congress to abolish the regulatory body if its officials refuse to quit their posts.
Empowering and Restoring Victims Lives: The Abolish Human Trafficking Act permanently authorizes the Human Trafficking Advisory Council, through which human trafficking survivors formulate annual recommendations to combat and prevent this crime to the Federal Government.
The Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party should be abolished.
Abolish 153 is a campaign that aims to abolish Article 153 from Kuwait's penal code, which gives men regulatory, judicial and executive power over their female kin in blatant disregard of the Constitution, international agreements on human and women's rights and even the Islamic Sharia.
Our campaign aims to abolish Article 153 from Kuwait's Penal Code, which effectively gives men regulatory, judicial and executive power over their female kin.
Accordingly, even though late, President Maithripala Srisena stressed that he will abolish the remaining powers of the executive presidency, which are challenging to democracy and freedom of the people.
The board said the authority to both open and abolish courts belongs to Parliament.
Finally, if Armenia does not abolish the present government (authorities), the government will
In the last few months alone, the government of Ghana accepted the recommendation of a Constitution Review Commission to abolish the death penalty in the country's new Constitution.
Others echoed Dehgan in arguing that abolishing the presidency would abolish the debilitating political squabbles that have prevailed under Ahmadinejad, although the squabbles are largely due to the fact that Ahmadi-nejad clearly likes to squabble and often picks fights.
BEIRUT: The National Committee for Lebanese Women and the Beirut Bar Association signed a memorandum of cooperation Wednesday as a first step in a drive to abolish discriminatory laws against women.