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'There is no way counties can rush to abolish the position of the deputy governor.
Suaram Coordinator Amir Abdul Haid at the gathering called out those in power to honour their promise to abolish the draconian law.
I do not see the reason abolish them," said Antoniou.
"Ia-abolish ko po ang towing kasi doon may pang-aabuso, (I will abolish towing because there is an abuse of power)", Francisco Domagoso "Isko" Moreno, said in a television interview on Friday morning.
My ministry had proposed that the subsidy should not be abolished but the Federal Cabinet decided against it," the minister said.
Industry sources say it may be difficult to abolish the tax amid growing social costs.
"I agree with the others and senators that it is time to abolish it and return that function to the DPWH (Department of Public Works and Highway).
The government has decided to abolish 0.02pc advance tax on sale/purchase of shares as this would fix the refunds issues, sources said, adding that the government would also allow carrying forward of capital losses up to three years.
But Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon said there was no need to go through the legislative mill to abolish the Road Board.
During a press briefing, Andaya said the House plenary has already withdrawn its support for the bill seeking to abolish the Road Board, with the chamber's decision to rescind its approval.
Regional list results would see Labour winning 39%, Conservatives 23%, Plaid Cymru 22%, Abolish the Assembly 7%, Ukip 4%, Liberal Democrats 2% and Others 3%.