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Rather, his government wants the Kashmir Council to be abolished.
How and why these clauses will be abolished, we will see it in new mandate', he said this while talking to media men here Monday in a ceremony in connection with Independence day.
It is estimated that the new lower UK Benefit cap affects 5000 households in Scotland, and more are likely to reach the cap when the bedroom tax is abolished.
Tahir Iqbal said that interest was un-Islamic and it should be abolished as soon as possible.
They then abolished the professional body set up for teachers.
Every artist in this show hopes that Article 153 will be abolished.
A St David's Day poll carried out for BBC Wales by ICM showed that 23% wanted to see it abolished.
This fee was originally introduced on 1 August 2009 as a crisis measure and was initially abolished with effect from 1 January 2012.
Atambaev before his presidency and current Prime Minister both talked that ministries duplicate functions of other agencies and that those agencies or departments should be abolished," said
CHEQUES will not be abolished until an alternative paper-based payment system has been set up to replace them, the head of the payments council said yesterday.
He added that cheques would only be abolished if widely available alternatives were in place and being used by the groups that currently relied on cheques, such as the elderly and charities, and a cost-benefit analysis showed getting rid of cheques was the right thing to do.
The Iraqi Parliament has abolished the law governing an investment in southern Iraq's al-Ahdab Oil Field, signed during the former Baath regime, in response to a request by the Oil Ministry, its official spokesman said on Monday.