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The bill, which passed with a 26-22 vote, signaled one of the strongest intents towards abolishing the death penalty as a potential punishment for aggravated first-degree murder, the News Tribune reported.
I make no secret of the fact we want to abolish it but what we also dont want to see is anyones benefits being reduced again because by abolishing bedroom tax they end up over threshold for the UK benefit cap.
Dozens of men who were convicted in the Ergenekon case were released earlier this month under a newly passed law abolishing Turkey's specially authorized courts (EuYM) and reducing the maximum period of detention before a final verdict, including the appeals process, to five years.
Since 2010 that has not been the case, and the only option stating that Wales will remain part of the UK is abolishing the Assembly.
In December 2012, South Sudan will have its first opportunity to vote on a UN General Assembly resolution to establish a moratorium on executions with a view to abolishing the death penalty.
Supreme Leader Ali Khamenehi has raised all sorts of controversy by airing the possibility of abolishing the presidency and shifting to a parliamentary system of government that is remarkably Shahlike.
Tory Schools Minister Nick Gibb claimed Mr Brennan wanted to "take Labour back to the 1980s by abolishing private schools" and questioned party leader Ed Miliband's stance.
New Danish PM, social-democrat Helle Thorning-Schmidt stated in Brussels that her government will work to abolishing opt-outs from the EU once the country becomes the EU's rotational president in the first half of 2012.
Summary: Bsharri MPs Strida Geagea and Elie Keyrouz have proposed amending the penal code to make marital rape illegal and abolishing an article that allows rapists to escape punishment if they marry their victim.
He said while he thought the Payments Council had made the right decision to consider abolishing cheques, it could have managed its message better.
Former Health Secretary Mr Johnson unveiled plans to penalise Trusts who did not have a good reason for abolishing the wards in January 2009.
We should welcome this token gesture until such times as we get an English Government which can look at abolishing parking charges altogether.