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The court's presiding judge, Euzese, said that abolishing the specially authorized courts was against the Constitution.
Tinio, on the other hand, said, "in light of the allegations of massive corruption involving pork barrel funds, we hope that the House leadership will place our bill abolishing the pork barrel system on the immediate agenda.
Khamenehi has not firmly proposed abolishing the presidency.
According to the new Danish PM, the crisis that has grappled the Union is a time that mandates Denmark to make the move in abolishing its privileges and become what she called "a regular EU member.
BEIRUT: Bsharri MPs Strida Geagea and Elie Keyrouz have proposed amending the penal code to make marital rape illegal and abolishing an article that allows rapists to escape punishment if they marry their victim.
The Parliamentary Committee sent the draft law on Kyrgyzstan's signature of the second optional protocol abolishing death penalty for consideration of the Parliament.
RAWALPINDI, July 26, 2009 (Frontier Star) -- The Rawalpindi Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (RBISE) has stopped recruitment on about 300 vacant posts in the board due to stoppage of revenue by the decision of all boards abolishing admission fee of SSC and HSSC classes.
are considering either abolishing some air routes or cutting flight numbers on a total of 27 international and domestic routes, starting in October, sources familiar with the matter said Monday.
The Democratic Party of Japan, the biggest opposition force, decided at an executive meeting Wednesday that it will introduce a bill in the current Diet session aimed at abolishing a law enabling Japan's airlift support for Iraq's reconstruction, DPJ lawmakers said.
The translation of #3 is: "Once we legalize gay marriage, we can move on to the task of abolishing marriage itself.