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"Kate was treated abominably behind her back by some who should have shown better manners," Morton wrote.
But the real culprit is the government of Myanmar, which has refused to give citizenship to this Muslim minority of 800,000 individuals under a former dictator's Citizenship Law and treated them abominably by herding more than 100,000 into camps where they are used as forced labourers.
The survey had approval numbers for the administration of Mayor Paul Dyster who is running for reelection this year that could be described as abominably dismal.
A start at six o'clock seems abominably early, yet there were crowded houses, and the music halls, while bound to have exceptional second houses, find thus far that the first house attendance is not seriously affected.
They really were treated abominably. Many of those that survived became very ill at the camps.
The shock to them after 1941 was that the Japanese did not see them as special or entitled to have extra privileges but as enemy aliens and citizens of a country that was treating its ethnic Japanese civilians abominably.
Long after he died, I discovered that he had treated his wife abominably, at one point having her committed to the local mental hospital when she failed to have his dinner prepared one night, to teach him a lesson for staying out late at a local hostelry.
They stand between them for the values which so many whites, and later by contamination Native Americans, so abominably betray.
At the beginning of the year, Reporters without Borders placed media freedom in Bulgaria on the abominably low 80th place.
This country treats its street dogs abominably. Its dog shelters are hellish places, basically slaughterhouses where the animals are condemned to die of starvation and disease, or from fights that break out because of overcrowding.
I find this behaviour abominably rude and my daughter and I are starting to argue all over again about the way he carries on.
Martin Lewis, creator of MoneySavingExpert.com, said: "The banks have behaved abominably. The hold has not been agreed by the FSA or Ombudsman, who have both lambasted it."