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Quite apart from the influence this could have on biblical and systematic scholarship, as a theological ethicist, I wonder if this language might help us better understand why practices like usury were considered so abominably bad both in Jewish and Christian theology.
I find this behaviour abominably rude and my daughter and I are starting to argue all over again about the way he carries on.
com, which has long campaigned on the issue, said: "The banks have behaved abominably.
Instead the President can consider on the merits of his case whether a man who, as Gil Troy said in his Tablet piece, was "guilty of a reprehensible crime, and has been treated abominably," has been punished long enough.
Have and Abominably Good Day" is a great little story about a brother and sister (Hannah and Billy) who get into a snowball fight on Christmas eve, only to end up with hurt feelings and a lost little sister (Hannah runs away into the woods because she wants to be alone with her hurt feelings).
Many religious, political and civil society organisations protested here on Friday against what they said was an abominably outrageous attack on the resting place of a peace loving Sufi.
Animals raised for food, as most attentive viewers realize by now, are treated abominably by U.
But presently [God] starts knocking the house about in a way that hurts abominably, and does not seem to make sense.
In the absence of the holidaying Young, the handicapper responsible for Tusculum's plunge down the ratings, Gardiner-Hill said: "From a handicapper's point of view, occasionally you have to take a view with a horse like this, and Tusculum performed abominably last year.
Shoes are so abominably dirty that they defy both mundane and ritual cleansing.
And so, like all parents, we've been confronted with the abominably poor options when it comes to what is euphemistically called "work-life balance.
The Chinese Government has been treated abominably by the North Koreans and they are showing a determination to play their part in supporting some kind of a sanctions regime,'' he said.