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I have known a face not materially disfigured by a few, but he abominates them.
Pitt, whom she abominates, finds it convenient to go to town.
"The enemies should know that the Iranian military will not waste even a single moment monitoring the enemies' schemes and adventurism, specially those of the US abominate administration," General Baqeri said in a statement on Thursday on the occasion of the anniversary of the liberation of Khorramshahr on May 24, 1982, following a 19-month occupation by the Iraqi forces, during the eight-year Iraqi invasion of Iran 1980-1988.
Cartooning has a long history of being transgressive and controversial and pushing boundaries, and now we have a generation very much opposed to that, who want to censure fellow artists from doing work they don't approve of--even though they are able to do what they are doing and want to do precisely because of trailblazing on the part of artists they now abominate."
Visit www.theliverooms.com 4 Rock Night The Crippens, Emissaries Of Syn, Neil Crud's Spam Javelin, Abominate and Souless System at The Tivoli, Brunswick Road, on Saturday, from 7pm.
Some of Borgmann's 9-letter examples are: ABOMINATE (AMA, BIT, ONE), DECORATED (DOT, ERE, CAD), SEPARATED (SAT, ERE, PAD) and SIMILARLY (SIR, ILL, MAY).
Kipnis echoes Joan Didion, who argues in "The Women's Movement" (1972) that women's preoccupation with cleanliness stems from their aversion "to adult sexual life itself: how much cleaner to stay forever children." Mary's striving to achieve a clean, childlike state is an attempt to compensate for her adult, female sexuality in a world that continues, Kipnis argues, to "abominate the female body ...
institutionalized systems to subordinate, co-opt, or abominate, but are
For the Leveller characters, popular song is a continuing source of hope that the political formation of the people is indeed possible, despite the ways the people have been rendered confused and inarticulate by the falsehoods they have been told, 'So that all words become fouled and abominate; even the noblest of them, such as liberty or love' (132).
Both the countries abominate the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and feared of the exportation of militants to their own soil.
Hart disputed Devlin's contention that the law's refusal to reflect public sexual morality inevitably led to social disintegration: "[W]e have ample evidence for believing that people will not abandon morality, will not think any better of murder, cruelty, and dishonesty, merely because some private sexual practice which they abominate is not punished by the law." (387) It was the responsibility of the legislator, Hart contended, not to take as a given the appropriateness of moral disapproval of sexual conduct outside of heterosexual marriage, including same-sex sexual conduct, but instead to apply reason and empathy to determine whether the disapproval merited codification into law.
BAGHDAD / Nina /-- Mottahidoon Lilislah / united for reform / coalition firmly condemned the closure by security forces the mosque of al-Imam al-dham / Great Imam / Abu Hanifa / counting such acyt as a blatant attack on great religious symbol and abominate practice against this symbol that more a half billion Muslims are of his followers.