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Pitt, whom she abominates, finds it convenient to go to town.
Some of Borgmann's 9-letter examples are: ABOMINATE (AMA, BIT, ONE), DECORATED (DOT, ERE, CAD), SEPARATED (SAT, ERE, PAD) and SIMILARLY (SIR, ILL, MAY).
institutionalized systems to subordinate, co-opt, or abominate, but are
Both the countries abominate the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and feared of the exportation of militants to their own soil.
Hart disputed Devlin's contention that the law's refusal to reflect public sexual morality inevitably led to social disintegration: "[W]e have ample evidence for believing that people will not abandon morality, will not think any better of murder, cruelty, and dishonesty, merely because some private sexual practice which they abominate is not punished by the law.
BAGHDAD / Nina /-- Mottahidoon Lilislah / united for reform / coalition firmly condemned the closure by security forces the mosque of al-Imam al-dham / Great Imam / Abu Hanifa / counting such acyt as a blatant attack on great religious symbol and abominate practice against this symbol that more a half billion Muslims are of his followers.
One could argue and say it matters not where the donations come from but I abominate those who are cashing in on Stephen's illness by their own self-interest by taking advantage of the situation, promoting themselves or their business.
Not even the scream of a bird or the shrill cry of a monkey to break the dark solitude--and either would have been welcome; for, though I generally abominate monkey, which roasted, looks too much like roast baby, I was now at that point of semi-starvation when I should have been delighted in a tender bit even of gorilla (56).
17) To enter God's kingdom, one must abominate the flesh, which stymies religious yearning.
But no swine, which both Jews and Mohammedans abominate.
we abominate in others those faults which are most manifestly our own, and with a miraculous lack of shame'.
On this, My dying day, I hate, disdain, abominate Nazi Germany,