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Not only did the German government, though of course not a Nazi government, not accept neither legal nor moral responsibility, but it explicitly included claims that the "overwhelming majority of the German people abominated the crimes committed against the Jews" and that they "did not participate in them.
Tolkien abominated this easy and solacing division, especially because it is so dangerous to those who have power and right on their side.
all Sullenness, all Sauciness, all Impudence in your Deportment towards your Masters (or Mistresses) is to be abominated.
His father was a strict Methodist and abominated alcohol.
He would have to go through the other routine, which he abominated.
with some provisos) the cause of egalitarianism, abominated religion,
Naturally, we have been routinely abominated for our pains.
Some Gnostic sects so abominated the moral law of Jehovah that they inverted the values of good and evil as explicitly as does Milton's Satan when he proclaims "Evil be thou my Good.
Writers who resisted the blight of the Popular Front mentality--William Faulkner, for example, and Wallace Stevens--were precisely the writers most abominated by the Communists and their liberal fellow travelers.
The English term has wholly different associations; it smacks of the writing workshop, a practice Musil would have abominated.