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In Mercier's fantasy, an abominated practice of the past is revived as a tool for making better futures.
This most earnest of reformers abominated unnecessary suffering, yet he approached it not with a revolutionary's rage but rather with a born novelist's sensibility.
The association of the Crown with occasions of socially shared delight, though it may seem to veer dangerously close to Jim Dixon's abominated Merrie England, was a more subtle form of propaganda.
He felt about it rather as Yeats felt about "The Lake Isle of Innisfree," or as Beckett felt about Murphy: he abominated it.
30) Heine abominated Novalis and the early Romantics as monist, escapist, mystic idiots, and championed the less popular Hoffmann as their antidote: dualist, realistic and social-critical despite his grotesqueries and whimsy.
There, as both abominated country house visits, she created a non-aristocratic London salon.
The Ninth Circuit reversed, ruling that the joint venture's "uniform pricing scheme" was a "naked" price fixing restraint and declared in resounding terms: "No antitrust violation is more abominated than the agreement to fix prices.
Figueroa, warning of war, concluded that the individuals who supported unconditional secularization would see their names entered "in the annals of fratricidal strife, in civil disorders, in the farcical notions of the anarchists--that ominous sect abominated in America and Europe.
in paradise, Aurelian discovered that in the eyes of the unfathomable deity, he and John of Pannonia (the orthodox and the heretic, the abominator and the abominated, the accuser and the victim) were a single person" ("The Theologians" 207).
William Cullen Bryant abominated the War of 1812; Emerson and John Greenleaf Whittier took their stands against the Mexican War.
From the outset, questions on nuclear power and scientific responsibility were for Sciascia associated with the career, as he reconstructed it, of Ettore Majorana, in the sense that Majorana provided him with the figure of the 'white knight', the ideal, perhaps idealized, foil for all that he abominated in modern science.
Rarely, however, are such transgressions abominated as are offenses against persons.