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Aksis was formed to build an Aboriginal business and professional community in Edmonton with a vision to make Edmonton the Aboriginal Business Capital of Canada.
Now in its third edition, this book documents the history of Aboriginal participation in the Australian horse-racing industry.
Skyring crafts a historical narrative of the Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia by drawing on a rich collection of primary sources and interviews she conducted with those involved in the legal service, including Aboriginal community members across Western Australia.
Expressing Aboriginality solely through explicit self-identification contradicts the sense of being Aboriginal that I observed among many Aboriginal people in south-western Sydney, including Adam: that is, having been raised with an Aboriginal family background.
The Aboriginal advisory circle, put together this past June, consists of 27 U of R faculty and staff of Aboriginal ancestry.
It is on this point that this paper argues that state-funded early childhood education that focuses on the cultural needs of Aboriginal children and their families will help alleviate their disadvantaged position in society while simultaneously restoring Aboriginal identity and self-worth.
Each RAP will receive funding to protect Aboriginal culture and be the voice of Aboriginal people in the management of their local heritage.
Even if I were up to the task, it would be impossible to provide even an overview of Aboriginal law in a short column such as this.
Both at national and state level there continues to be a concern about the size of the 'gap' between the results of non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal students on the national benchmark tests in numeracy.
The author explores acceptable markers and behaviors that allow people to call themselves Aboriginal in Australia and argues that the processes and patterns of behaviors associated with identifying and being accepted as Aboriginal are a problem.
The purpose of this exploratory study was to select four examples, referred to as Aboriginal Relations/Advisory Committees (ARACs): Urban Aboriginal Peoples Advisory Committee in Vancouver; Aboriginal Relations Office in Edmonton; Aboriginal Relations Division in Winnipeg; and Aboriginal Affairs Community Advisory Committee in Toronto.
The 821 sq-ft space is designed to enhance support services for JIBC's Aboriginal students and also serve as a venue where non-Aboriginal students, staff and faculty can deepen their knowledge and appreciation of Aboriginal history and culture.

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