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In the section entitled "Belief in God--Religion," he asserts, "There is no evidence that man was aboriginally endowed with the ennobling belief in the existence of an Omnipotent God.
This stance assumes that linguistic metaphor, as a symbol of the romantic imagination, "echoes" perception, and that the figure of speech proper is a compressed linguistic version of, and prompt to, a dynamic that is aboriginally perceptual.
It took us a while to get the mental map unfolded and trace the dotted lines of migration, and I had to allow that, yes, the extraordinary voyagers who aboriginally populated the Americas, like the aboriginal Turks, came from the land north of Mongolia and were, like the pre-Islamic Turks, in religious matters shamanistic--which, by the way, helps explain why Turkish Islam is characteristically more open and tolerant than the Arabic and Persian versions: shamanism has no dogma and relies on personal authenticity alone--but even though the man's central point was sound, a creeping unease began to warn me that I might be about to learn that the Turks had invented baseball, bebop, the cheeseburger, and Ray Charles.
a subject aboriginally divided by language and thus made to desire the "wholeness" that alignment with various cultural signifiers appears to offer.
Theology is accorded the same fate as other symbolic forms of cultural expression of being denied any cognitive or truth-bearing capacity; indeed all symbolic production is regarded as aboriginally a theological deception, founded in the reification of nature through animism.
The government settled when Gramly agreed not to excavate any Native American archeological site in the state of New York without the consent of the lineal descendant, culturally affiliated Indian tribe, or Indian tribe that aboriginally occupied the land on which the site was located.
Later, Whistler (1991) described the wax gourd as indigenous to Southeast Asia, and aboriginally introduced as far east as the Societies of Marquesas.
These three types would consist of: Aboriginally owned lands, such as reserves, with limited expansion of the existing land base where feasible; privately owned lands or land already dedicated for public use, in which very limited Aboriginal rights of a mainly ceremonial nature might exist; and--by far the largest category--tenured Crown lands in which various forms of shared jurisdiction or co-management might exist.
Aboriginally logged trees, used to manufacture canoes, house posts and totem poles, are also considered CMTs.
Perhaps sensing that relations between aboriginally sovereign tribes and the United States are essentially a political matter, and that the relationship is constitutionally defined in the Commerce Clause, the Court has been largely unwilling to restrict Indian rights by interpretation.
Initiation journeys and the movement of large numbers of people occur most frequently on the Aboriginally controlled lands between Warburton and Indulkana, well hidden from public view.