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The pair fell out after Sinitta, 50, exclusively told the Daily Mirror she aborted the music mogul's baby.
Her obsession with proving she aborted Simon Cowell's baby is getting scary with her incessant Twitter ranting including a plea to The Jeremy Kyle Show (what?
Dash 2 had actually aborted their takeoff for what felt like a surging or failing engine.
Fujairah Police from the emirate have arrested an African maid who aborted her baby at her sponsor's house in Al Qariyah, an official told Gulf News yesterday.
What could have been an aborted takeoff with a simple taxi back to the ramp to diagnose a problem turns into an encounter with the trees off the departure end because the plane only climbed 100 FPM.
It came as a Royal Navy submarine joined US forces in targeting the dictator's air defences, but a mission involving RAF Tornado jets had to be aborted to avoid civilian casualties.
She said that she lived at another woman's home until she bled again and aborted the baby.
At 0828, the pilot aborted takeoff and taxied to parking.
OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, July 23, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- Israeli defence officials say three tests in the US of a missile defence system meant to shield Israel from Iranian attack have been aborted over the past week.
A LLEYN ewe which aborted two lambs was destined to become a mother after all.
Today many good and serious pro-lifers hold different opinions on whether it is appropriate to show pictures of aborted babies to the general public.