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As a pro-lifer this has given me pause over the use of aborted baby pictures.
According to the ruling, the defendant dumped 15 aborted fetuses up to 12 weeks old in other general garbage and commissioned a delivery agent to bring them to disposal facilities without giving notification of what they were.
Patients with aborted MI differed from the rest of the study population in that they were more likely to be female; to have a history of hypertension and diabetes; and to have had a previous MI, coronary artery bypass graft surgery, or percutaneous intervention procedure.
The health ministry plans to convene a panel of experts in January to discuss the legitimacy of using aborted fetuses for such research.
Dispose of all remaining aborted material and disinfect site of abortion.
However, some experts were sceptical that aborted foetuses could ever be a practical source of human eggs, and others said they believed that even if it were technically possible, ethical concerns made it a bad idea.
There is a shortage of donated eggs for IVF - eggs from aborted foetuses may provide a new source for these.
According to some fatwas, non-binding legal opinions of Muslim theologians, especially, from Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and, in view of the positive attitude of Islam toward scientific research, a fetus of proven deformity can be aborted before it is 40, and according to others even 120, days old.
Garuda Indonesia told the Fukuoka District Court on Tuesday its pilot was not responsible for the June 13, 1996 accident at Fukuoka airport in which the jetliner made an aborted takeoff, leaving three passengers dead and injuring 170.
I aborted at home, so that if he were caught, he would be able to prove that the process had been initiated before he became involved.
If a person does not know whether he or she will be in the position of the woman seeking the abortion or the fetus that will be aborted, what rule of decision would that person choose to maximize the welfare of both?
The second point to be made about the law-induced bias of the sources is that while they exaggerated the unfortunate fate of women who aborted they minimized the role of the men involved.