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In the same vein, the managing director of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Captain Hamisu Yadudu has also said that the last week aborted landing of the ET aircraft was a normal safety procedure in the global aviation industry.
The plane has been described as coming to a screeching halt as the pilot aborted the flght, as reported by our sister titleEssex Live.
The only difference is that under the one-child policy every child after one was aborted. Now they kill every baby after two.
Species Clinical manifestation 1 2417/1/14 Sheep Malformed, aborted fetus 2 2417/2/14 Sheep Malformed, aborted fetus 3 267/2/14 Sheep Malformed, aborted fetus 4 267/3/14 Sheep Malformed, aborted fetus 5 267/4/14 Sheep Malformed, aborted fetus 6 2498/1/14 Sheep Weak lamb syndrome 7 2504/1/14 Sheep Malformed aborted fetus 8 2504/2/14 Sheep Malformed, aborted fetus 9 273/14 Sheept Malformed, aborted fetus 10 274/14 Sheep Aborted fetus 11 2504/3/14 Sheept Malformed, aborted fetus 12 275/1/14 Sheep Malformed, aborted fetus 13 275/2/14 Sheep Malformed aborted fetus 14 263/14 Goat Malformed, aborted fetus 15 215/14 Cattle Aborted fetus Animal Vero no.
Then the pilots on their own aborted the take off, an official added.
ENS Greiner immediately executed an aborted takeoff.
In 2013, in Cardiff alone, 1,177 unborn babies were aborted, in the Vale of Glamorgan 302.
It doesn't make sense to me that we create new life while healthy babies are being aborted by our pregnant sisters who deem their pregnancies "inconvenient." Those aborted baby boys and girls could be adopted by loving LGBT couples and single persons.
The pair fell out after Sinitta, 50, exclusively told the Daily Mirror she aborted the music mogul's baby.
Her obsession with proving she aborted Simon Cowell's baby is getting scary with her incessant Twitter ranting including a plea to The Jeremy Kyle Show (what?) asking to appear on it and do a lie-detector test!
Fujairah Police from the emirate have arrested an African maid who aborted her baby at her sponsor's house in Al Qariyah, an official told Gulf News yesterday.
What could have been an aborted takeoff with a simple taxi back to the ramp to diagnose a problem turns into an encounter with the trees off the departure end because the plane only climbed 100 FPM.