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As your diarist's plane, packed with Germans, approached Port Elizabeth on Thursday, the pilot aborted landing within feet of the runway.
The pilot was quick to pull up so as to avoid colliding with the plane that was taking off and quickly lunged downwards to resume the aborted landing.
Last Tuesday, a GoAir aircraft twice aborted landing on the shortened runway.
The report also found that the Qantas crew had not received important weather information and had not been advised that a prior Qantas flight had aborted landing at the airport.
A "go-around" refers to an aborted landing of an aircraft that is on final approach.
An Aeroflot plane had earlier made several aborted landing attempts and been diverted.
It crashed into houses after an aborted landing, leaving 48 dead and ten injured.
If you're VFR and a crosswind is the reason for the aborted landing, it might be time for a different runway, either here or at another airport.
10 (ANI): Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Governor Rameshwar Thakur had a narrow escape on Tuesday when the state government-owned plane they were travelling in aborted landing after two vehicles were spotted on the runaway of Gwalior airport.
He praised the pilots of the Super Puma which is thought to have suffered engine failure after an aborted landing on the rig.
Passengers of flight SQ112 have told how the pilot circled the airport for 30 minutes after the aborted landing attempt, with the pilot then informing them that the aircraft would return to Singapore for refuelling according to New Straits Times - Management Times.