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It crashed into houses after an aborted landing, leaving 48 dead and ten injured.
Mumbai, Aug 23 ( ANI ): An Air India plane aborted landing at Mumbai Airport after an alert Air Traffic Control (ATC) spotted a Jet Airways aircraft on the runway, thereby averting a major catastrophe.
As your diarist's plane, packed with Germans, approached Port Elizabeth on Thursday, the pilot aborted landing within feet of the runway.
The pilot was quick to pull up so as to avoid colliding with the plane that was taking off and quickly lunged downwards to resume the aborted landing.
Last Tuesday, a GoAir aircraft twice aborted landing on the shortened runway.
The report also found that the Qantas crew had not received important weather information and had not been advised that a prior Qantas flight had aborted landing at the airport.
State television quoted an air traffic controller at the airport, Kirill Kornishin, as saying he had spoken to one of the pilots after the first aborted landing and was told that the plane was not in a state allowing it to land.