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Londa Schiebinger has done much to advance the study of the expropriation of botanical knowledge including questions about in what ways gender relations have guided European naturalists and how enslaved women and Caribbean populations used abortifacient plants.
Furthermore, the absence of abortion and vaginal bleeding in the alkaloid-treated animals which were hitherto observed with the crude extract in our previous study suggest zero abortifacient activity for the alkaloid.
Because we were not certain about the process that women follow when they ask for abortifacient drugs in pharmacies, we hypothesized that one of two potential situations might occur, and we modeled the mystery client situations on the basis of these assumptions.
The publication in a package insert of a biologically plausible mechanism of action--a mechanism that has not been shown to be clinically relevant--says more about the continuing inadequacy of package inserts and the manner in which they are developed than it does about the abortifacient nature of the IUD.
But on their view, that does not absolve us of responsibility for the cases in which an abortion does occur, and the fact remains that emergency contraception should be counted as an abortifacient.
Even if true, that doesn't make the Pill an abortifacient in the official view of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which defines pregnancy as beginning with implantation.
Mifepristone, on the other hand, more commonly known as RU-486, interrupts an established pregnancy and is categorized as an abortifacient.
The reason some people object to dispensing these pills is that they consider them abortifacients.
It is vital for the welfare of our young people that they should not have free access to powerful and dangerous abortifacient without the necessary medical examination and advice which the situation requires.
Mifepristone has not been approved for use as an abortifacient in Canada.
arrangements to allow women to get abortifacient drugs.