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Emmanuel in his suit accused his wife of being troublesome and violent, adding that she was in the habit of aborting her pregnancies, an act which has left them childless for the three years they have been married.
While taxiing after aborting take off, the aircraft encountered a wheel fire and the crew initiated an immediate evacuation of the passengers,' he said.
During questioning, the mother confessed to aborting the foetus.
who were less than six months pregnant each, of willingly aborting their foetuses.
The gender gap has widened by more than a million in a decade, and the study found that in Indian families where the first child is a girl, parents with access to prenatal ultrasound testing, are aborting a second female.
I felt comfortable aborting at this point and definitely preferred staying on the deck versus getting airborne with an obvious hydraulic problem.
It's completely illegal to be aborting babies for this kind of disability, and it's vital that it stops.
First, he claims that "the practice of aborting a non-sentient fetus in the early months of gestation is now tolerated, if not condoned, by a vast majority of Canadians.
I then switched back to tower frequency and told them I was aborting.
FOUR MONTHS AFTER THE most infamous hour of terrorism in our time, we remain haunted by the four passengers who gave up their lives aborting the mission of a hijacked plane that had apparently been headed for the White House.
The baby element (trying to conceive in Un 32 aout and aborting in Maelstrom) is too difficult an explanation for him to resist.