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Charles Maclean, charged him with aborting her against her will.
1% of aborting women (nearly one in five) were still recorded as having high avoidance and/or intrusion two years out.
Ms Beasley said she would not consider aborting one of the foetuses because her pregnancy was too far gone and the procedure could risk the life of the other twin.
Who should be surprised that we keep pushing the envelope so that now we are aborting these "products of conception" alive?
It registered in my mind that our wingman was still in my vision to the right, which shouldn't be possible since we were aborting.
Abortion places an especially heavy burden on the conscience of the aborting mother.
A British woman aborting one healthy twin because she claimed she couldn't afford them both.
The woman's obstetrician, Prof Phillip Bennett, of London's Queen Charlotte Hospital, agreed to the operation on the grounds that one healthy birth would be better than aborting both foetuses.