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has recently visited Turkey in a bid to defuse tensions in the aftermath of the abortive coup attempt.
The fallout from the abortive coup has deepened a rift between Ankara and its Western allies.
I taper the prednisone over 21 days, but at the same time I am pulling away their abortive medications.
A conf call provides protagonists with not only a defensive physical barrier but a whole spectrum of abortive technical excuses as well.
Pas de reaction a cet article Le ministere de la sante a donne son accord de principe pour la commercialisation d'une nouvelle pilule abortive, pilule du lendemain, a confirme jeudi un haut responsable du ministere, au moment oE des informations circulent sur une eventuelle remise en cause du droit a l'avortement en Tunisie.
Winger Mirallas again limped off with a hamstring problem during Saturday's FA Cup win over Bolton, his second abortive comeback from the injury he first suffered two months ago.
What follows is a gentle generational culture clash involving illicit cake eating, toilet emergencies and abortive playdates - but no surprises and little of interest.
In 1967, he featured in many of the local and national newspapers after an abortive attempt to ride to Blackpool.
Failing that, Ray Egan should consider putting it up in his garden as an epitaph to his abortive attempt to become mayor.
KARBALA / Aswat al-Iraq: The Bar Association in southern Iraq's holy city of Karbala have demanded protection after an abortive assassination attempt against its Chairman, Qais al-Amiry, on Monday night, an Association media spokesman said.
Micky Fenton probably sat too far off the pace in the early stages and then made a huge mid-race move (reminiscent of Jamie Spencer's abortive effort on Powerscourt all those years ago), during which Dunhoy was forced to race five horses wide.
Hitler was imprisoned in Landsberg after the Nazi's abortive bid to seize power in 1923 in the notorious "beer hall putsch" coup attempt in Munich.