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Preventive therapy should be considered in any child who has to use abortive therapy more than twice a month, according to Dr.
The abortive coup exposed the disintegrative trends in our society.
class="MsoNormalMr Waithaka, a high school teacher and a translator at Mizpah House of Prayer, now says the abortive wedding was a culmination of simmering dislike of his fianceacute by the membership of the church.
They have also detained a brother of Fethullah Gulen, and issued arrest warrants for 115 other people as part of nationwide investigations into the abortive putsch.
India in an abortive attempt to divert the world attention from the brutal acts of the occupying Indian forces in held Kashmir had been sponsoring subversive activities in Pakistan, he remarked.
The report added: "The number of meters installed was 18,000 - this equates to two abortive visits for every three installations.
"Surely the rich have suffered enough?" - Reported remark by Lord Mandelson, about the Liberal Democrat proposed mansions tax during abortive post-election talks about a possible Labour-Lib Dem coalition.
Washigton, Feb 2 (ANI): Although the new emergency contraceptive pill, EllaOne, has been found more effective than morning-after pill, its use has ignited a debate whether it prevents pregnancy or is it an abortive agent.
He also led the abortive 19-month "cash-for-peerages" inquiry.
CONNIE SULLIVAN, who runs the Irish events company that made an abortive attempt to stage poker at a function room in Cheltenham during the recent festival, says he has not been put off by the experience and plans to return in 2010.
Al-Kharafi held abortive negotiations with Newcastle owner Mike Ashley only three months ago about the likelihood of an estimated pounds 300m takeover.
At the tender age of 16, Kelly Ann (Samantha Shields) gives birth to a baby boy, the result of an abortive dalliance with 18-year-old Lee (Martin Compston).