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should I resolve to undertake a new pursuit, which might terminate abortively, or in some signal disaster?" (22) Indeed the landscape itself, becomes "pregnant with meaning," and Edgar mentions, "My attention has often been excited by the hollow sound which was produced by my casual footsteps which shewed me that I trod upon the roof of caverns" (22).
A behavioral historian may come to a topic by observing a contemporary phenomenon--I got engaged in what proved to be an interesting exploration of the history of posture by watching my kids slouch and realizing that I never criticized them about this, in contrast to my father who (abortively) urged correctives on me at a somewhat earlier phase in the deterioration of modern American stance; or the contemporary link may be suggested by more orthodox historical inquiry, beginning at the beginning and leading to a delineation of the relevant current pattern.
From time to time I witter abortively about the thoughtless and underinstructed souls who spoil evenings at the theatre for the rest of us.
Last seen in Britain abortively cheering on son Bill in the Walker Cup, Haas has taken a rest from golf since finishing fifth in the final Major and 17th in the NEC Invitational, but his form all year has been magnificent, so good that he is a Jack Nicklaus pick for the President's Cup in November.
NSAIDs, especially naproxen sodium, are considered an effective first choice of medication for menstrual migraine and may be administered both abortively and prophylactically for 1-2 days before the onset of migraines.[24,44] A double-blind study that compared the efficacy as well as safety of naproxen sodium and ergotamine tartrate in a sample of 79 participants with classical or common migraine found that naproxen sodium was as safe as ergotamine tartrate and somewhat more effective in acute migraine attacks.[63] Adverse effects of NSAIDs consist of gastrointestinal irritation and chronic renal dysfunction.
Etienne Cabet (1788-1856) abortively established his politically defined utopia in Illinois.