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Whether in beauty products or corporate leadership, success often relies on quick, about-face turnarounds.
In the end, Kallas recognised his errors, said he had not realised how sensitive the issue was and left the door open to another about-face by saying he would give the matter more thought.
Making an abrupt about-face from his previous "Plato's Academy," helmer Filippos Tsitos favors bold lensing in this tale of a hangdog police interrogator and a cleaning lady whose diverse fundamental outlooks make a true connection impossible.
In a strategic about-face ranking among the most spectacular examples in US corporate annals, Hastings stated yesterday there would be no service split, nor would Netflix introduce further price rises.
Such was the outcry that the Blairs have been forced to perform an about-face, offering to pay for any child whose parents cannot afford the journey.
The move follows an about-face by the report's author.
Thiruvananthapuram The Communist Party of India Marxist yesterday did an about-face and decided to field Kerala chief minister and veteran leader V.
It has clearly been a big effort by MRC committee man Mike Symons, who has been in discussions with RV on behalf of the jumps racing industry, to achieve this about-face and give the sport some hope of continuing to 2011 and beyond.
The Palestinian Authority has apparently done an about-face, and is expected to oppose the Goldstone report in a UN vote Friday.
The results are a stunning about-face from a previous Bendixen poll conducted Aug.
The about-face comes after consumers complained about the makeover in letters, e-mail messages and telephone calls and clamored for a return of the original look.
You could have almost predicted that the next piece of confusing information was going to be an about-face on that advice.