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At holy mass, when turning to his flock with outspread arms to say "Pax vobiscum!" he would do so briskly, in a single sweep, as if executing an about-face on command.
They realise that should Wales succeed then the floodgates would be open throughout sport and lawyers would seek about-faces on dozens of sporting encounters going back through the years.
Similarly, Kurzke follows the twists and turns in Mann's answer to the "Jewish Question," while doing several peremptory about-faces along the way.
The following year, Reagan made one of the greatest ideological about-faces in the history of the presidency, agreeing to a $165 billion bailout of Social Security.
In a time ruled by rapid change, takeovers, and about-faces, it is more critical than ever that you know where your firm is heading.
The Cornell Yeats, an exemplary edition which has already progressed through seven volumes of the poems and four of the plays, lays bare not only the author's own revisions, as well as his hesitations, false starts and about-faces, but also those inadvertent alterations wrought by the hand of chance: words or phrases or whole lines swallowed up between fair copy and proof; misarrangements of sequences; and worst of all, the pious intentions of the author's amanuenses, especially his wife.
His economic policies displayed even greater about-faces. After coming into office as a fairly conventionally conservative Republican, he first followed a policy of "gradualism" to deal with inflation during his two years in office.