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London, Apr 28 (ANI): Pakistan Army Chief General Ashfaq Kiyani has done an about-turn from his quiet, but shocking position that the Government's appeasement of the Taliban in the Swat Valley was a necessary step, a leading UK based daily has said.
To performan about-turn will require Gordie to break from his neo-liberal millionaire advisers.
BANKING shares took a hammering today after Bradford & Bingley staged an about-turn and announced plans for a pounds 300m rights issue.
The decision represents an amazing about-turn, based it would seem on a promise that the volume can always be turned down if the programmes are too noisy.
Fumio Kyuma's speech marked a major about-turn in his government's stance on the attacks, which destroyed both cities and claimed the lives of 214,000 people.
But in reality the about-turn is primarily political and is a reaction to the growing nervousness throughout the EU at the prospect of any further enlargement.
It is a dramatic about-turn for the ex-Dundee United, Spurs, Everton and Nottingham Forest defender, who finished his career in America.
It would be an incredible about-turn for Chelsea, who sold him for PS28m in 2014 and TURN TO PAGE 75 FROM BACK PAGE would now have to pay more than double to get him back.
The top deck was controversially closed at the start of the season to bring fans closer together but rush in ticket sales has forced an about-turn.
Doubtless reports from this region and other parts of the country where Olympic football games have been played, helped encourage Mr Romney's grovelling about-turn later.
IF I had my way, there would be a special place in hell reserved for the Lib Dems following their scandalous about-turn over student tuition fees.