above pettiness

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He shares that anger about how - and how few - things get done in Washington, but he can rise above pettiness to move things forward, too.
That little piece of philosophy from a very young fellow of quite humble background touched me deeply - in particular its suggestion of rising above pettiness, and grasping what was important.
We believe that, as nurses, we will always be above pettiness, anger, fatigue, and alienation.
But Weir rose above pettiness and gave a calculated response to every inquiry that came his way, whether it was a sore groin or injured pride.
I, however, charge the rest of us with that very mission: let us all rise above pettiness, base intentions, mean-spiritedness to wipe out those resentments harbored by many to create a harmonious society that can be enjoyed by all.
human frailties, to rise above pettiness, envy, jealousy,