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ABOVE. Literally higher in place: But in law this word is sometimes used to designate the superior court, or one which may revise proceedings of an inferior court error, from such inferior jurisdiction. The court of error is called the court above; the court whose proceedings are to be examined is called the court below.
     2. By bail above, is understood bail to the action entered with the prothonotary or clerk, which is an appearance. See Bail above. The bail given to the Sheriff, in civil cases, when the defendant is arrested on bailable process, is called bail below; (q.v.) vide Below.

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The low-profile relays have a maximum above-board height of 15 mm.
Marchand, who lives in Massachusetts, has been driving an hour-long commute into Connecticut so that he can operate an above-board business.
Designed specifically for pick-and-place operations with a ceramic body and a large flat top, the inductors have an above-board height of just 1.
Councilman Eric Garcetti said the ordinance recognizes that not all manufacturers run ``totally above-board operations.