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That is, O is expected to value accusative Case against v once the latter is merged and s-selects for S in (9c)--let us recall that v has this double function of s-selecting for an external argument and assigning (accusative) Case to an object--and O is also expected to value the above-cited [+topic] or [+wh] feature against C almost at the end of the derivation (see (9i)).
At this section of the paper, it is worth reminding that the German court pointed exactly at this institution in the above-cited judgment, that is it justified its ruling with the (impossible to be avoided) mistake of law, when declaring the accused not guilty.
A strong ILTP with regular training using the above-cited sources coupled with 150-hour refresher/sustainment training and proper command emphasis by dedicafing time for language training on the unit training schedule will greatly enhance a linguist's proficiency and help them achieve ILR level 3 and beyond in listening and reading.
According to the above-cited sources, Amazon Fire Phone comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor clocked at 2.
above-cited land is on a hill that belongs to Hadleen family.
Again, I repeat that all of the above-cited work is based on averages with no guarantee of certainty.
5,423 persons were taken into custody for the above-cited 7,784 offenses.
Fortunately our nation's perfectly rational responses to the above-cited incidents were as follows: (1) We sent our Marines to kill and neutralize the pirates, and (2) our military snipers simply "executed" these terrorists as they carefully prepared to plant the explosives
Both the Plaintiff and the Defendants are being tight-lipped, and information outside of the above-cited article and online court documents is scarce.
If your thinking is, "My clients will stay with group medical because they want to have excellent benefits to keep and attract employee talent," the last bullet point from the above-cited research should give you pause.
The above-cited abuses were reported by Aimee Green of The Oregonian on March 27.
Many of the above-cited issues about the mechanism responsible for the adverse cardiovascular effect of diabetes are still being researched.