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At these legal events, looters may sell legally obtained items aboveboard, while surreptitiously arranging illicit deals under the table.
Howard Wilson, the government's Ethics Commissioner, responded that everything was aboveboard in this case, since Jean Boyle had privately assured him (before taking the job) that there had never been any "direct" dealings between Boyle and McDonnell Douglas.
At that point we reevaluate the company's track record; if it has been doing things aboveboard, there's no reason to stop doing business.
Don't worry about the genie fiddling with the boxes after you have already made your choice; this is a scrupulously aboveboard genie.
He adds, "I believe the litmus test for determining if pay packages are aboveboard is whether or not the executives' financial interests are aligned with those of the shareholders, investors, and rank & file.
USAID denies most of the criticisms of what's being called the "Cuban Twitter" since the Associated Press disclosed the program last week - that it was covert, that it was not approved by Congress, that it gathered information on Cuban dissidents - but even if ZunZuneo was completely aboveboard, it was still clumsy and counterproductive.
It was quite refreshing to have people running for office conduct themselves in an aboveboard and professional manner.
Similarly, government should introduce a strong accountability system and take steps to ensure that people sitting on the Board of Directors (BoD) are known for dealing aboveboard in everything.
All actions taken by HHA in connection with the credit union were open and aboveboard.
But it's also the case that the farther he advances, the more visible he, becomes, and the more critical it becomes to preserve his aboveboard reputations Over time, the competing demands of his political ambition and reputation pull Lieberman in increasingly different directions.
Telling clients about a commission arrangement before they, their attorney or--even worse--a competing insurance agent discovers it, keeps the relationship open and aboveboard.
When it was noted by Esprit de Corps that Frau Dale had also briefly employed Al's young son in her office, Gen DeQuetteville maintained this too, was well aboveboard.