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But if the issues relate to procurement and proper observance of accounting and budgetary rules, we are confident that insofar as the role played by the DBM [Department of Budget and Management], everything was aboveboard and according to rules and laws,' Abad said in a text message.
The LTO must quickly explain if it believes it has done nothing wrong why the deal is aboveboard and the complaints deserve to be tossed out.
Customs Commissioner Alberto Lina maintained his stand yesterday that the release of the 16 dump trucks in Cagayan De Oro last week was aboveboard and had legal basis.
It was quite refreshing to have people running for office conduct themselves in an aboveboard and professional manner.
Similarly, government should introduce a strong accountability system and take steps to ensure that people sitting on the Board of Directors (BoD) are known for dealing aboveboard in everything.
But it's also the case that the farther he advances, the more visible he, becomes, and the more critical it becomes to preserve his aboveboard reputations Over time, the competing demands of his political ambition and reputation pull Lieberman in increasingly different directions.
Telling clients about a commission arrangement before they, their attorney or--even worse--a competing insurance agent discovers it, keeps the relationship open and aboveboard.
Respondent Furigay's act of permitting the business transaction of his close relatives lacked the necessary justifications as to render them aboveboard, not to mention that the supporting procurement documents are highly questionable, gives away a contrary disposition on his part, and his tendency to succumb to corruption,' the Ombudsman added.
Regardless, it is essential for Worcester to maintain ties with businesses whose operations are scrupulously aboveboard.
At the same time, she attempts to show how conservatives were always right, and how they were also scrupulous, precise, and consistently aboveboard and high-minded.