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During this phase, the contact surface conditions between the abradant and the nanocoating are believed to evolve due to changing surface roughness during abrasion.
[16] ASTM International, "Standard test method for the abrasion of organic coatings by the Taber abradant," ASTM D4060, 2007.
Test sample Number of layers of Normal load nanocoating (NOL) 6 N 7.5 N 10.5 N Uncoated (reference) 0 X X X Nanocoating 1 2 X X X 4 X X X Nanocoating 2 2 X X X 4 X X X Test sample Stroke length Abrasion Abradant (mm) speed (cpm) Uncoated (reference) Nanocoating 1 H38 76 60 Nanocoating 2 Test sample Number of cycles Uncoated (reference) Nanocoating 1 600 Nanocoating 2 TABLE 3: Representation of segments from Figure 8 in terms of concentration measures.