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If you've ever tried to cut or abrade deer antler, you're well aware it is one of the toughest organic materials you'll ever fool with.
works Of desolation Wrought by no one In particular But daily Abrade my
Should your dog abrade his feet before you can protect them, he needs rest until his pads heal.
Glier describes setting himself up to be "just a little uncomfortable, like using a rough sponge to abrade the skin to become more sensitive" as he planned and executed a journey that began in 2007, in an Inuit village on the Arctic tundra.
Both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are harder than gold or silver, so as the gold is drawn across the face small amounts will abrade and discolour the skin.
They have little points and ridges that can abrade your skin.
They may try to abrade lesions with sandpaper, cover them with makeup, or bleach them, he said.
The DryConn VisiLock[TM] with SmartGel[TM] is described as offering such features and benefits as waterproof and corrosion-proof splice; pre-filled with non-toxic gel that eliminates hazmat requirements; re-enterable, semi-transparent, encapsulated splice box for visible splice examination; mounting tabs to securely attach housing to structures; locking mechanism to center the splice in the box; one piece for fast, easy installation; no need to abrade the cable during installation; no assembly or set-up time required; no shelf life issues with the SmartGel.
Thus, Anti-Crobe resins will not abrade or scratch off, ensuring continued product performance."
Using a piece of rough sandpaper abrade the surface all over forming a pattern of your choice as you go.
Dr Thomas Gent, of the Association of Gynaecologists in Hamburg, says: 'G-strings can abrade and injure the sensitive skin around the genital area - especially if they are too tight or made with badly stitched material.' He said friction caused by the 'string' part of the underwear is the root of the problem.