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During grinding these alumina crystals abrade the workpiece, and as the outermost crystals become worn, they are expelled from the individual abrasive grain to expose new cutting alumina crystals.
It suggests that the point of his original plan was not so much to expand health care coverage to the country's 37 million uninsured but to abrade the administration and win some headlines.
Again, I am not trying to topple any TV antennas; but on days when I have enough imagination and faith to fear for my spiritual health, it seems all too clear that, in searching for a few minutes of forgetfulness, I often subject myself to visual melanges that abrade all sense of anything's being sacred.
The reality is that abrasive materials will always abrade pipes, elbows, receivers, and other conveying system components and production equipment.
2) Gym - Prepare 180 sqm floor,- 180 sqm abrade a waterproofing paint,- 180 sqm linoleum flooring supplied and laid,- 180 sqm initial cleaning and initial care,- 160 square meters of skirting board.
In addition, it produces specialty equipment for other industries that have need to handle, scrub, wash, treat, size, peel, abrade, texture or polish their products.
Central to AFM is the media made up of a semisolid polymer mixed with abrasives to gently and uniformly abrade areas where it is forced to flow.
The smooth plastic is unlikely to abrade the inside of the mouth in contrast to metal braces, which can cause injury during contact sports and other rough activities.
With previous acid-resistant coatings, the coating could abrade during pigment dispersion and reduce acid resistance.
The Abrading Balloon Catheter for Extravasated Drug Delivery is a multi-lumen balloon catheter that features abrasive outer surfaces upon the substrate of the balloons that are intended to abrade tissue and stimulate cellular function to optimize the osmotic uptake of therapeutic agents into target tissues.
If the bore walls are rough and pitted enough to abrade resistance, like carboxylated versions of high-acrylonitrile butadiene copolymer (XNBR).