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abraded footpads) prior to administering the herbal remedy.
Juvenile lobsters with abraded epicuticles were exposed to cultures of 3 bacteria commonly isolated from wild ESD lesions: A.
We made two separate comparisons of BCI because we did not know precisely when birds with highly abraded feathers would begin molting.
He continued: "The magnet in these units is so powerful that it will successfully remove fine abraded 316 stainless steel, a metal that is typically non-magnetic to most magnetic separators.
In this application, the strong magnetic forces are not only removing any coarse tramp metal such as screws, but more importantly, fine iron particles and even abraded stainless steel from the food ingredients.
I remember at Ian Dowling's house in Greenough in Western Australia, there was a corroboree site where we could pick up pieces of stone that had been worn or abraded for whatever purpose, perhaps for sharpening.
Many of these products were purchased in attractive packages that over time were abraded and soiled with peeling labels, removing brand appeal and in some cases brand identification as well," noted Ms.
Shortly before each traveler's departure, the scientists mildly abraded a small area of each person's skin and then applied a patch.
The plastic shielding of the wires had been rubbed down and abraded as a result of repeated contact.
Essentially it is a north-facing rock face (Figure 2: A), on which a long (105m) frieze of vertical abraded grooves has been produced.
As the thick, almost sedimentary encrustations around the edges of his unframed pictures attest, he builds up his canvases with layers of different colors which he then smooths down, resulting in fields of paint that look damaged, stained, abraded, mottled.
Water lift: The skin is abraded with high-pressure water.