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The TTM (with units kg/m) is the sum of the total mass of introduced abrader (TT[M.
With this precision speed control and encoder feedback, the DIN abrader is said to deliver consistent results, insuring quality production, allowing supplier comparison and verifying advertised claims.
2] surface area (Quantachrome); aggregate size (Bi-DCR Brookhaven Instruments); tint (Erichsen Tint Tester); toluene discoloration (Shimadzu UV spectrophotometer); Mooney viscometer, (MV 2000) and rheometer (MDR 2000, Alpha Technologies USA); hardness (IRHD, Wallace); tensile tester (Zwick Z010); abrasion (Zwick Abrader 6102); and rebound resilience (Zwick 5109); tan [delta] and heat buildup at different temperatures (Goodrich Flexometer, Model II); and crack growth and initiation (DeMattia flexometer, Gibitre).
Classic DIN abraders are available, as well as the SP abrader and a glass run abrader.
2]SA (Quantachrome); aggregate size (Bi-DCP, Brookhaven Instruments); tint (Erichsen tint tester); toluene discoloration (Shimadzu UV spectrophotometer); pellet hardness (IPHT, Hitec); Mooney viscometer (MV 2000, Alpha Technologies); rheology (MDR 2000, Alpha Technologies); hardness (IRHD, Wallace); tensile (Zwick UTM); dispersion (Dispergrader 1000 GT, Optigrade AB); specific gravity (Wallace); abrasion (Zwick Abrader 6102); rebound (Zwick 5109); tangent delta and heat buildup at different temperatures (Goodrich Flexometer, Model II); crack growth and initiation (DeMattia Flexometer); and infrared study (Perkin-Elmer, Spectrum GX).
Adams, a research archaeologist, details the analysis of ground stone tools like mortars and pestles, manos and metates, abraders, polishers, and hammerstones, and artifacts shaped by abrasion or pecking, such as axes, pipes, figurines, ornaments, and architectural pieces, as well as other artifacts like stones used in cooking and heating, structural stones, and ecofacts.
Several sandstone abraders, pieces of a very abrasive red sandstone, that were ground square on one edge.
Abraders that prepare the surface of panels to hold a secure bond.
They report three fragmented bone/antler points, two polished bone/antler abraders, an awl and a polished bone with a series of parallel linear incisions (Figure 8: nos.
Abraders for performing smoothing operations on corrugated panels.