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The use of abrasion resistance testing as a tool to guide new product development promises not only to shorten the product development cycle, but also suggests significant improvement in the durability of traffic marking paint is possible.
Moulded from abrasion-resistant nylon, water absorption of the Abrasion Resistant belt is reduced to 1% or less, while it's flush grid surface facilitates water flow-through.
For this reason, new techniques and equipment have been available on the market such as the air abrasion system, which has been subjected to further research and to a wider application [Rosenberg, 1995].
Said FieldTurf's Gilman: "Bacteria needs an entry point to the athletes' body, and an untreated abrasion due to turf burns.
Phygen recently developed two new multi-layered titanium-aluminum and titanium nitride coatings (VeriPhy and CertiPhy) that are said to deliver excellent release properties but are not as abrasion resistant as the FortiPhy coating.
He's so fortunate it was just a little abrasion,'' Scioscia said.
The question does not indicate that the problem starts with a rash or other inflammation or skin eruption, so it would seem that the coding should be under abrasions, because the lesions are skin scrapes or tears caused by the resident.
At that time, Mitsubishi Motors reported to the transport ministry that abrasion of the hubs was unlikely on buses because the vehicles do not run at high speeds and therefore there was little burden on the hubs.
Exatec has developed a manufacturing process eponymously called Exatec 500 that uses plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition to apply a microns-thick layer of silicon oxide to polycarbonate panels, giving them abrasion resistance similar to glass.
The abrasion resistance of the material is improved over that of ADI and increases with increasing carbide content.
Improvements in these areas have led to enhanced abrasion resistance for such covers as Safir S," he said.
Roundit[R] 2000 EMI is a shielding oversleeve that enables design engineers to prevent wire and cable abrasion and provide electromagnetic shielding.