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Employing the Microhone CNC Tooling and Abrasive System in an agile environment also allows for a greater gauge of quality and the opportunity to test processes for their ability to meet customer expectations for the finished component.
Horning G, Cobb C, Killoy W: Effect of an air-powder abrasive system on root surfaces in periodontal surgery.
In order to become market leaders, we have consistently invested in technology and R&D to ensure our abrasive systems meet individual needs while also increasing efficiency, reducing costs and maintaining quality standards, which we will continue to do in the future as well," said Nicholas Brunet, the company's Middle East regional business leader, Industrial Business Group.
The center utilizes Company's Intelli-MAX[R] Software Suite which provides faster, more precise and more accessible machining than competitive abrasive systems.
Finally, this close collaboration between PT / Critical Manufacturing and Indasa will contribute to increase its competitiveness and thus maintain a leading position in high performance flexible abrasive systems.
Double-digit local-currency sales growth was reported in abrasive systems, automotive OEM, energy/advanced materials and aerospace.
According to Chris Holmes, vice president and general manager at 3M's abrasive systems division, the acquisition will further expand the company's existing product offering, allowing it to meet a broader range of industrial grinding and finishing needs.
Following competitive pitches, Wyatt, which has handled media relations for 3M's construction division since November 2008, will now also represent the company's automotive aftermarket, industrial tapes and adhesives and abrasive systems divisions.
The search for new glass formulations with the prospect of superior mechanical, chemical, and optical properties has provided a framework for researchers at 3M Abrasive Systems Division, St.