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Finally, this close collaboration between PT / Critical Manufacturing and Indasa will contribute to increase its competitiveness and thus maintain a leading position in high performance flexible abrasive systems.
Double-digit local-currency sales growth was reported in abrasive systems, automotive OEM, energy/advanced materials and aerospace.
Following competitive pitches, Wyatt, which has handled media relations for 3M's construction division since November 2008, will now also represent the company's automotive aftermarket, industrial tapes and adhesives and abrasive systems divisions.
Advanced hot-runner systems include edge gate valve gate, abrasive systems and micro valve gates with pitches as small as 10 mm.
3M Abrasive Systems introduces3M[TM] Cubitron[TM] II Bonded Abrasive Grinding and Cut-Off Wheels, a revolutionary new technology that reinvents the grinding process.
A distinguishing feature of the DeltaRim machines is the use of double-acting, hydraulically driven piston pumps that can process high-viscosity materials (up to at least 18,000 cp), filled and abrasive systems, polyurea, and other multiple-component systems.