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In addition to the above parameters, some comprehensive parameters such as formation drillability and abrasiveness also need to be considered because these parameters can provide some important information sources about ROP prediction that cannot be described by conventional drilling data.
Precise formulation of the thermally conductive filler enables this material to deliver much lower abrasiveness to lower friction and help reduce maintenance.
The mass of the insert is accordingly measured before and after the test and the abrasiveness is stated as the ratio of loss of mass to initial mass in ten- thousandths (AFTES 1982).
The GAA Ink Abrasion Testing Machine is designed to provide a means of measuring the abrasiveness of rotogravure and flexographic inks.
The cause of this relates to an increased level of ore hardness and increased abrasiveness.
Paul, USA) in decreasing order of abrasiveness (10 s each), (8) in a slow-speed handpiece.
They brought with them sophisticated laser measuring equipment, in order to assess the abrasiveness of the circuit by examining closely the spacing and shape of the stones that make up the aggregate.
Known for his tenacity, intelligence, charm and, at times, abrasiveness, Holbrooke held some of the most important jobs in US diplomacy, including assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs and European and Canadian affairs.
Finally abrasiveness was determined following the procedure described by Neubold et al.
As no study on the abrasiveness of acidic dentifrices has been conducted so far, the purpose of the present work was to evaluate the in vitro abrasiveness of acidic (pH 4.
Even the abrasiveness of the rock can vary from one point to another just a few kilometres away, further complicating the predictability of results.
The time span between liner replacements on food extruders varies depending on processing conditions such as the abrasiveness of the product, throughput and torque, but can be annual.