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Since these are wounds and lacerations that can no longer be abreacted by a successful work of mourning, they give rise to an interminable writing of melancholy that displaces the ontological certainty of our reality while pointing towards a better future that can only be built out of the memory traces of the past.
The story is not abreacted for Quentin through telling; instead, he experiences it as an event in endless repetition.
Although Breuer and Freud will suggest that, as an act of verbal revenge, language may abreact and expel the traumatic memories that oppress the hysteric, Edgar Huntly envisions such narrative vengeance as a dangerous pre-text that fuels a ravenous cultural desire.
What I am concerned about is the part of psychotherapy that says, "We're going to make you abreact." Abreaction means that your problem exists because you have not expressed some negative feeling.
They abreact feelings bringing in the adult to express for the child what the child could not express at the time of the trauma, thus overcoming early inhibitions.