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This lack of individual reference in folk psychotherapy and the fact the shaman takes upon him the process of abreaction leaving his patient in a completely passive state was one of the main critiques addressed to Levi-Strauss's theory of magic by psychoanalytical theorists.
Potential problems in a scene may include those related to toy or equipment malfunction, psychological reactions (i.e., sudden emergence of repressed memories, abreactions, panic attacks), and physical/medical issues.
Yet, this works both ways, as the abreaction of the Law often has the effect of stemming and reducing such untimely fragments.
Abreaction to the consequent diminishment of denominational authority inaugurated a second phase that would lead to the removal of religious purposes from the law itself.
In their path-breaking works 'On the Psychical Mechanism of Hysterical Phenomena' (1991a) and Studies on Hysteria (1991b), they pointed to the repression and failed "abreaction" of this first shocking event as the origin of the posterior development of hysterical neurosis (Freud and Breuer 1991a:59).
Afterward, Simon's acute grief response and premature abreaction are seen in visual-verbal combinations in which the most explicit element expresses positivity while secondary elements imply that trauma cannot be wholly overcome (Herman 12).
Accessing the sacred realm may also lead to an abreaction of anxiety symptoms, leading to a psychological catharsis (La Barre 1972: 262).
Instead, the translarion indicates the difficult abreaction of the unspeakable trauma of the univers concentrationnaire.
Or it can be done more indirectly as Whitaker often does it, by manipulating transactions between the clients, or between them and the therapist, so that they are provoked into new behavior almost as an abreaction. (pp.
Borrowing from Grunberger, it can be said that the antisemite projects his conflicts on the Jew, expediting an abreaction of some of his psychic complexes.
(4) Assisting abreaction to guide learning, and carrying out appropriate training to increase coping ability.
Appadurai's answer is that the "university is also about thought and reflection, cultivation and conscience, disinterest and abreaction, literacy and cosmopolitanism" (Appadurai, 1996, p.