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The authorities and stakeholders are requested to abreast them of system updates through PMD website.
She commended the dedicated efforts exerted by the doctors to keep abreast last therapies in treating patients suffering from bone and motor system problems.
"They retain that access so we can keep them abreast of where we're headed, and they can keep us abreast of...
He urged the leadership of the Institute to take care of training and qualifying media and press cadres to keep abreast of contemporary developments as a cornerstone and a reliable bet in the transformation and promotion of the media message and keeping abreast of current developments.
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed PTI senators to keep the senate abreast of all government steps.
He said the retreat is aimed at abreast the participants on the need for intelligence based patrol, especially during the EMBER months.
Khalifa bin Abdullah Al Barwani, CEO of NCSI said that the site of the International Trade Center comes as part of NCSI keenness to keep abreast of technological development and use it to adapt the various statistical data to be presented to all segments of society.
He asked the participants to remain abreast with latest regional and international situation and focus on their professional Development.
And helps to keep abreast of developments and changes accelerated and international related to help to keep abreast of developments and rapid changes on the labor market system and the resulting new types of work involving accurate scientific knowledge, requiring skills and training Advanced and continuous.
I've also seen drivers putting on their make-up, dressing themselves (honestly), and overtaking on countyy lanes barely wide enough to accommodate a pair of annoying cyclists riding two abreast.
Summary: The agreement stipulated the two parties shall keep abreast of latest developments in the field of energy
On Sharea Faisal five cars can run abreast if there are no choked points.