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The cast and crew of 90 Minutes For Gandhi: Abridged comprises mainly Indians based in the UK and some non- Indians as well who are interested in the culture of the sub- continent.
The Pursuit of Happyness by Chris Gardner with Quincy Troupe, read by Andre Blake HarperAudio, abridged CD, $29.
The editorial apparatus provided in this abridged translation is modest, but entirely in keeping with the purpose of the publisher's series, which is to produce scholarly translations suitable for students and non-specialists (an index, descriptions of omitted chapters, and a list of articles which specifically address the Demon-Mania would be welcome).
Actors from the Reduced Shakespeare Company perform an abridged version of the playwright's works at <B37,000ft as they flew to Verona in Italy Tim Anderson
Highly recommended for mystery and suspense enthusiasts, "Cross" is also available in an abridged CD edition (1594835993, 5 CDs, 6 hours, $29.
Even in this abridged recording, there is an incredible amount of detail about the manhunters, the coconspirators, the supporters (witting and unwitting), the landscape, the dwellings, and intimate details about thoughts and feelings--all well documented.
Winner of the McNally Robinson Book of the Year award and ably narrated by Ruth McIntosh, A Boy Of Good Breeding by Miriam Toews is an abridged audiobook set in a small Canadian town--a town so small that the Mayor schemes to keep the population at an even 1,500 to win a contest for being the smallest town in the nation.
95 ISBN 1-593-55836-8; Abridged and unabridged on CD, MP3 disc and cassette
There exists a Catholic missalette on fine paper, with elegant typography, exquisite art illustrations, supplementary prayers, blessings and hymns, and an abridged version of Lauds and Vespers (morning and evening prayers) for each day, as well as all the texts for both Sunday and weekday Masses.
It remains to be answered when it might be said that this right has been abridged.
The new methodology includes revisions to the user-experience questions and an abridged, action-oriented evaluation of the company's competition.
Ronald Reagan & The Evil Empire: A Fictional Autobiography of Ronald Reagan (abridged edition) (Trafford Publishing) is the abridged edition of American Civilian Counter-terrorist Manual: A Fictional Autobiography of Ronald Reagan by NYT-reviewed author, Alan Allen.