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He concedes that "the abridgement is too long" and indicates that "further constraints" might be needed, suggesting one possibility for discovery of those constraints: "present the abridgement to readers and ask them to highlight those sentences which they feel contribute most (or least) to their impressions of the story's development or dynamism" (161).
One of Churchill's purposes in writing the book was to stress the common heritage of Great Britain and the US, with much material devoted to American history, but the British abridgement of the four-volume history left this material out.
Despite the abridgement of distances due to modernisation, urbanisation and globalisation, the disappearance of traditional channels and modes of communication have impacted adversely on this interaction," he added.
Now we have more political intrigue and corporate skullduggery in director Martin Campbell's slick abridgement of the Beeb's 1980s drama series Edge Of Darkness.
The tE[logical not]te-Ea-tE[logical not]te stretched to twice the length of allotted time, leading to abridgement of dialogue in the expanded format.
Written by expert journalist James McManus (who has covered poker for "The New York Times", "Los Angeles Times", and more), Cowboy's Full: The Story of Poker is an abridged audiobook adaptation of the amazing true history of America's favorite card game (the abridgement was approved by the author).
This contention is the fundamental contribution of the book, and even critics who dispute Cook's interpretation of Wilson will concede that Cook has provided a valuable contribution to the field of public administration by reasserting the foundational status of Woodrow Wilson's thought and rescuing it from simplistic abridgement.
Link to exclusive online abridgement 'Biocentrism': How life creates the universe: Authors say cosmology misses the big picture unless it includes biology: http://www.
Yet the book would have benefitted from some drastic abridgement, by chopping the elementary descriptions and obvious screenshots.
There is an undeniable downside to the kind of ruthless abridgement necessary for this sort of project: Many of the inconsistencies and difficulties of the longer version are actually magnified when, as is often the case, only snippets and fragments of longer arguments and chapters are presented.
Boldrewood cut 133 more pages for Macmillan's 1889 one-volume abridgement that was a part of the publisher's Colonial Library.
The district court sent four certified questions of state law to the Ohio Supreme Court, which considered three and answered two, declining to rule on the abridgement of the collateral source rule.