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He concedes that "the abridgement is too long" and indicates that "further constraints" might be needed, suggesting one possibility for discovery of those constraints: "present the abridgement to readers and ask them to highlight those sentences which they feel contribute most (or least) to their impressions of the story's development or dynamism" (161).
One of Churchill's purposes in writing the book was to stress the common heritage of Great Britain and the US, with much material devoted to American history, but the British abridgement of the four-volume history left this material out.
Despite the abridgement of distances due to modernisation, urbanisation and globalisation, the disappearance of traditional channels and modes of communication have impacted adversely on this interaction," he added.
Now we have more political intrigue and corporate skullduggery in director Martin Campbell's slick abridgement of the Beeb's 1980s drama series Edge Of Darkness.
Dippel's new book Understanding Enlightened Conservatism at first glance seems like little more than a summary or abridgement of the three books in his award-winning Language of Conscience series--The New Legacy The Language of Conscience and Instilling Values in Transcending Generations.
Yet the book would have benefitted from some drastic abridgement, by chopping the elementary descriptions and obvious screenshots.
In France, where the ban on advertising is perhaps the most stringent, a serious abridgement of freedom of the press occurred when a court ruled that all press articles about alcohol must also contain a health warning.
What's wrong with a little civil rights abridgement by the state police in the course of prosecuting the war on drugs?
Pizzetti composed more than 20 operas, the most enduring of which is Assassinio nella Cattedrale, based on his own abridgement of an Italian translation of T.
The district court sent four certified questions of state law to the Ohio Supreme Court, which considered three and answered two, declining to rule on the abridgement of the collateral source rule.
Yehezkel Kaufmann in The Religion of Israel (Moshe Greenberg abridgement, page 301), solves the problem: ".
This volume, both a translation and an abridgement, includes vintage photographs, informative endnotes, and helpful appendices, including a chronology, a glossary of pertinent Dutch terms, and a "who's who" of major figures in the rescue movement.