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France, Germany, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, to tell them we are going to abrogate the deal based on outright violations and other unacceptable Iranian behavior, and seek their input.
109) The 109th Congress did not take up any legislation to abrogate the Algiers Accords.
When Congress would create legislation with the intent to abrogate state immunity, the Court responded by placing greater limitations on Congress's ability to abrogate through their broad interpretation of the language of the Eleventh Amendment.
The canon against construing ambiguous statutes to abrogate prior treaties does not help plaintiffs here, however, because the amended Migratory Bird Treaty Act is unambiguous, as we concluded above.
In reference to recent North Korean brinkmanship, Fukuda said at a session of the House of Councillors Budget Committee, ''I want to make a decision on whether to abrogate the declaration after considering the general situation a bit more.
This chronicles the decades-long effort by extremists to abrogate federally guaranteed treaty rights and otherwise violate the rights of Native Americans.
Arguably, some of the transactions "blessed" in the Service's agreement with the Securities Industry Association (SIA) would be caught by the Tax Court's analysis in Compaq, but the IRS is not expected to abrogate that agreement.
Supreme Court precedent holding Congress may abrogate the states' Eleventh Amendment immunity when exercising its enforcement power under [sections] 5 of the Fourteenth Amendment.
In other words, unless the other party to the agreement opts to abrogate or to suspend it in whole or in part, it continues in force even in the face of a material breach by one party.
It should never be used to abrogate decisionmaking responsibilities, regardless of whether those responsibilities rest with federal, state, or even private landowners.
An NDP-Liberal coalition government is possible, but the Liberals, judging from the polls, would be likely to dominate such a coalition, and their position -- to renegotiate rather than abrogate the FTA -- is a sham.
They thus effectively abrogate section 165 of the Code in respect of taxpayers that elect to file consolidated returns.